Weill Cornell Medical College events at Qatar Pavilion

Date September 27, 2015

Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar, one of the Universities of the Educational City-Qatar Foundation, held on Tuesday 24th of September 2015 a seminar on the “Growth of the Palm Fruit for Future Generations” as an example of the researches undertaken by the college to adapt the palm fruit with the environmental and health changes as well as future agriculture needs at the Oryx Theater.

Weill Cornell Medical College held another lecture on diabetes and its effect on the children’s health through the dietary habits and their impact on children. To highlight the importance of following a healthy and sound diet, Weill Cornell Medical College organized a live show where a specialized chef prepared few healthy meals thus impressing the visitors who did not hesitate to taste the food.

Weill Cornell Medical College organized another activity where healthy natural juices were prepared by riding a bicycle. This initiative attracted a large audience who praised this innovative idea.